Jurors hear from suspect’s brother on 2nd day of Knoxville pregnant teen murder trial

Alexander Branner

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tuesday was the second day of Brandon Donaldson’s murder trial.Donaldson is charged with felony murder in the shooting death of pregnant teen Marcia Crider.

Jurors heard Monday from Crider’s mother who was in the car with her daughter when Crider was shot. Jurors heard Tuesday from several witnesses.

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Deandre Crutchfield took the stand telling jurors he was the father of Crider’s unborn baby. He said they’d had an on and off again relationship for two years. Crutchfield was living in Nashville on Feb. 13, 2013 when Marcia Crider called him.

“When I first answered the phone, all I heard was her screaming, ‘Quit hitting me I’m pregnant,’” said Crutchfield.

Deandre Crutchfield
Deandre Crutchfield

Crutchfield testified he spoke with Crider the morning of the shooting. He said she sounded angry and scared, but he didn’t know who was with her.

Donaldson’s brother Alexander Branner testified next, telling jurors Donaldson was wanted by the TBI after the shooting and he, too, had some outstanding warrants so they decided to flee to Illinois.

Prosecutors asked Branner what Donaldson said about the shooting.

Alexander Branner
Alexander Branner

“He told me it was something about some money she loaned him from her taxes that he was supposed to be paying back to her,” said Branner.

Branner testified that the argument escalated and that Donaldson told him his room had been ransacked. Branner says Crider’s mom came to pick her up and Marcia yelled at Donaldson as they started to drive away.

“At which point he blacked out. He had a gun on him and he shot at the car and when he came back to he said there were bullet shells around his feet and the car was pulling off around the block,” said Branner.

In cross examination, prosecutors made the point to ask Branner if they showed photos where Donaldson’s room was not ransacked that would mean Donaldson lied. Branner replied that it would.

Brandon Donaldson
Brandon Donaldson

This indicates photos may not support what Donaldson told Branner.

Trial continues Wednesday.

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