East Tennessee mother raises money to buy van for son with disabilities

CLINTON (WATE) – A young East Tennessee mom is struggling right now to take care of her little boy who has special needs.

Brittany Ezell showed WATE 6 On Your Side how difficult it is for her to get her son’s wheelchair together all by herself. It’s tough on her and on him.

Brittany Ezell and her eight-year-old son Riley.

She says she’s hoping for something that would make her family’s life a lot better.

“Riley saved my life because I was a troubled teen, I had him and my world changed,” said Ezell.

Eight-year-old Riley was diagnosed with hydrocephalus before he was born and wasn’t expected to live.

It’s a condition where fluid builds up in the skull and causes the brain to swell. He has a special needs wheelchair that Ezell says supports his posture, but makes it difficult to travel.

“The equipment is so big and Riley is heavy and the equipment is heavy, so taking it apart and putting him in the car and having to get out and put it all back together and put him in is just really challenging,” she said.

Ezell, who’s expecting her third child, says as Riley gets bigger, it’s harder for him to carry him. She can’t afford a handicap accessible van which, would life much easier.

“If we had a van we could take the stroller hook it into the van and he travels,” she saidl.

Riley can’t do most things but his mom says he smiles, giggles, and loves and he’s worth helping.

“Hopefully we’ll get the van and it will make traveling a lot easier. He’ll be able to do more things with his school, it will be easier for doctors appointments,” said Ezell.

Brittany tells WATE 6 On Your Side she’s hoping to raise for $10,000 for a used handicap accessible van.

If you would like to help, here’s a link to the families GoFundMe page.

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