Teen heard on 911 call comforting woman shot, run over by boyfriend

Caleb Martin

PEGRAM, Tenn. (WKRN) – A woman who was shot by her boyfriend only to be run over by his car immediately after is out of the hospital and recovering with family members.

The boyfriend fled the scene in Pegram on New Year’s only to be found not long after with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The victim was ultimately saved by an 18-year-old who witnessed the horrific ordeal, shielded her from further injury and drove her to his home until an ambulance came.

While Caleb Martin doesn’t hail himself a hero, his 911 call surely tells another story.

During the call, you can hear him talking to the woman, trying to ensure her that she’ll be okay while she’s bleeding from the chest, terrified and crying.

Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin

Caleb Martin
Woman: Do you think I’m going to die?

Caleb: No. No!

Woman: You promise?

Caleb: I promise you will not die.

Woman: Oh I can’t believe this.

Caleb: It’s okay. I got you.

Woman: I’m going to die.

Caleb: No you won’t. You will not die. I’ll get rags; hold the pressure on it. I will not let you die.

Woman: You promise I am not going to die?

Caleb: You will not die.

A source told News 2 the incident happened when the victim told her boyfriend, identified as Kenneth Clinton, wanted to break up. Clinton didn’t.

It happened after he gave her a ring, and while waiting for an ambulance, the woman reportedly asked members of Caleb’s family to take that ring off her finger.

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