Suspect brings baby to burglary

Corey James Earl Mathews , 22

ST PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) – A man had his 5-month-old son with him when he tried to rob a home in St Petersburg, Florida police said.

Corey James Earl Mathews , 22, of St. Pete, was standing in a home on 9th Street North holding his baby son in a car carrier while his accomplice was trying to break in through the back door. That’s how the homeowner found them, according to SPPD.

The accomplice fled after Mathews yelled to warn him about the homeowner. Mathews just walked away carrying his son.

The homeowner dialed 911 and tried to stop the father and son. Mathews put down the baby carrier and pulled the knife. The homeowner let them both go.

Police found and arrested Mathews later on 4th Street North. He was still with the baby and had the knife on him, detectives said.

The man is in jail on charges of residential burglary, aggravated assault, child neglect and violation of probation (for battery on a officer). His 5-month-old son is in custody of Mathews’ mother. The second suspect has been identified but not charged yet.

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