Morristown officials investigating mysterious ‘boom’

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – The Morristown-Hamblen Emergency Management Agency is investigating the latest in a series of loud booms that have been heard in the area.

EMA officials posted on their Facebook page that they are compiling a list of locations and working with an agency in Memphis to determine the exact location and cause of the booms. They say the process may take some time.

“It was like something went boom and it sounded like maybe somebody had hit the garage or maybe shut the garage door. All my windows and everything had shook,” said Morristown resident Kimberly Taylor.

She says she heard the noise around 7:30 on Tuesday morning. It caused her to jump up and see what it might have caused the sound or if someone was outside her home.

“I didn’t see anything and I thought what was that?,” said Taylor

EMA is compiling reports about this boom heard in east and southeast parts of the county.

“Was it an earthquake? Or some kind of explosion? I’m just trying to figure out myself,” said Taylor.

Hamblen County Emergency Management tells us, so far, 60 different locations have been mapped.

“Sounded like a car crashed into the side of the trailer and the house shook a little bit,” said another Morristown resident Trevor Smith.

With the mapping and a seismic reading tool, all the data will be sent to the Earthquake Research Institute where engineers will be able to narrow down whether that boom was man-made or natural.

Homeowners are still hoping for answers.

“I’d like to know. It’s weird. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never heard anything like that,” said Smith.

Hamblen County Emergency Management says getting any kind of cause or answer may take a few days so that engineers can study the data.

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