Loudon County approves contract with Priority Ambulance

LOUDON (WATE) – A contract with Priority Ambulance has been approved by the Loudon County Commission.

Commissioners unanimously approved to use the ambulance for their emergency and non-emergency services at the commission’s regular meeting Monday.

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The contract with Priority Ambulance staff and ambulances goes into effect immediately.

“Priority Ambulance already is integrated with our first responder network and will continue to provide excellent emergency ambulance service to our county,” Loudon County Mayor Buddy Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw said one of the reasons the county picked Priority Ambulance is not only because of their commitment to patient care and customer service, but their participation in community events, health initiatives and local organizations.

“This contract will standardize ambulance service across the country and create more cohesive medical care for our residents,” Bradshaw said.

After a six month trial period, Priority Ambulance will sign a five-year agreement with the county to align with the contracts with the cities of Loudon and Lenoir City.

Priority Ambulance has committed to six new ambulances and a four-wheel drive ambulance. Three ambulances will be staffed continuously and one ambulance will be staffed twelve hours a day during peak hours.

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