Rockwood police working to identify man who broke into city hall

(source: Rockwood Police Department)

ROCKWOOD (WATE) – Rockwood police are investigating what they say is a bizarre break-in that happened on Saturday at city hall.

They’re asking the community for help in identifying a man in surveillance pictures.

Picture from surveillance video of suspect who broke into city hall.


Investigators recieved a tip from a man who had paid his water bill. They say he went to pay his water bill when he noticed one of the windows was open.

Police say the window near the night-deposit box was pried open.

“That’s probably the last place most people would think to hit. I really don’t know why anyone would want to vandalize anything like that,” said homeowner Keaton Bowman.

The cash drawer was also damaged.

So far nothing else has been found missing. Police say the man caused more damage than anything else and made off with little to nothing.

“We don’t keep much in city hall at night, especially over the weekend,” said detective Dwayne Gray with the Rockwood Police Department.

While they were searching city hall Saturday, police secured one of the doors with handcuffs, just in case.

“So far we haven’t found anything else broken into. We try to keep an eye out and our officers checked the businesses, left cards at the businesses to let them know we have been there to make sure everything is OK,” added Detective Gray.

For now, homeowners in Rockwood say they’re simply surprised.

“People have crazy reasons for doing things like that and the best thing I can hope is they find the person who did it and that justice is served,” said Bowman.

Investigators are asking if you recognize the man in the security video or know anything about this break-in to please call their tip line, the number is (865) 354-3388.

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