OK lawmaker proposes hoodie ban

A state lawmaker in Oklahoma proposed an amendment that would prohibit people from wearing hoodies with the hood up, KFOR reported.

Sen. Don Barrington R-Lawton, proposed the amendment to the law that would prevent people from wearing hoodies and hiding their identity on public. A punishment would be a $500 fine.

Barrington said that OK businesses want state leaders to be responsive to the safety concerns and this is one way to provide protection.

An attorney in OK says that this may be reaching too far.

“I think the legislature is just trying to make Oklahoma a little bit safer, and in doing so, I think they just over-reached a little bit, ” Attorney James Siderias told KFOR.

Local residents disagree with the proposed ban.

“They might have personal issues for keeping them on, they might have a bad hair day or maybe they have cancer and their losing their hair,” a resident Tracy Wehagen told KFOR.

According to KFOR there are already laws in OK preventing wearing a hoodie as a disguise while committing a crime.

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