Knoxville Coupon Dude shares Dollar Tree deals

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Valentin Korniyenko, who blogs under the name Knoxville Coupon Dude, shared some ways to save money at Dollar Tree stores for Money Saving Mondays.

Here are his Dollar Tree deals as seen on Good Morning Tennessee:

Over 20 freebies this week:

  • Splenda, 50 count
  • South Beach Diet Bars
  • Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bites,
  • SuperPretzel Poppers
  • SuperPretzel, Bites
  • BIC, Pens, 10 count
  • CoverGirl Mascara
  • L’Oreal Eyeliner 
  • Nivea, Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin Lotion
  • Bayer Aspirin, 20 count
  • Children’s Triaminic, Cold and Cough
  • Flintstones Vitamins 
  • More items here

Korniyenko wants to remind shoppers that Dollar Tree limits printable coupons to two per person per day and up to four like coupons per household per day.


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