Santa and Mrs. Claus busy writing books after Christmas

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – In December, Santa worked overtime, visiting with children and making sure there were presents under the tree at homes across the world.

After Christmas, Santa and Mrs. Claus are busy writing and illustrating a series of new books, each one focusing on one of the elves at the North Pole.


“Our first thing is children at all times and having them to read and giving them that gift of reading is the most important thing,” said Santa.

Santa says he wanted something to help kids and families year round.

“Each book also has a message from Santa Claus on positive behavior, like sharing or picking up your roof,” said Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus says she hopes it will show children that what happens at the North Pole should also happen at home.

Santa and Mrs. Claus busy writing books after Christmas

The first two books have just been published by the North Pole Press.

Santa says the books are so new they have not even had a chance to get them into traditional bookstores, but Mr and Mrs. Claus hope to change that.

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“They [parents] always like to use me to keep their kids in line, so this just takes it to the next level,” Santa said with a chuckle.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus say they hope to use their experience to produce four books a year, until they have one for every day in December. They also hope to include dolls with the books.

The books are currently available on and at the North Pole Press.

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