Knoxville stress expert offers tips for surviving the holidays

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Christmas is almost here, but be honest, are you enjoying the holidays, or is stress taking some joy out of the experience?

Doctor Pete Sulack, a leading stress expert is behind a new movement called “Unhealthy Anonymous,” a 12 step program to lead people to health and happiness.

Dr. Sulack breaking down how to balance your hormones at a "Unhealthy Anonymous" meeting. (SOURCE: Facebook)
Dr. Sulack breaking down how to balance your hormones at a “Unhealthy Anonymous” meeting. (SOURCE: Facebook)

Sulack sees people from all over the country. He says his goal is to not just get through the holidays, but to enjoy them.

One of his patients, Jan Bohnenberger says she doesn’t take anything for granted.

“By eating right, by learning so much more than I ever new about how to eat, what to eat, it’s made an immense change in my life,” said Bohnenberger.

Bohnenberger confessed she is participating in activities that she hasn’t done in ten or fifteen years.

Unhealthy Anonymous
Jan Bohnenberger says she’s done thing she hasn’t done in years, like walking, after changing her perspective.


The stress expert says number one on his holiday survival list is to be aware who you’re spending time with.

“Surround yourself with people that actually care about you,” said Sulack. “Set boundaries for yourself.”

Making the right choice and setting boundaries, particularly when it comes to food, is important for your mental health said Sulack.

“Choose before you go into the holidays,” said Sulack. “You know I’m gonna eat as healthy as I can. I’m not gonna get carried away.”

Sulack says he also encourages those stressed by the holidays to tap into their generosity.

“One of the easiest steps to deal with stress during the holidays is to be a blessing to other people. Give and watch what happens when you give. You’ll be happier, healtheir and feel so much better.”

The doctor says if all else fails, take a break and sit at the kids table. Chances are you won’t get into uncomfortable conversations about politics, religion or old family history.

For details on “Unhealthly Anonymous, visit their website:


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