Higher beef prices hurt Knoxville restaurants’ bottom line

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Beef prices are rising across the country and those high costs are being passed off to restaurants.

Rob Wynkoop, the owner of Gyrene Burger Company says beef prices have been going up since he opened his business 15 monthes ago.

“It’s really putting a hurting on our business,” said Wynkoop.

The high cost of beef, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, is a result of ranchers reducing their herds as they struggled with drought and grasses and grains that cattle normally eat withered away.

The short supply is leading to high prices for beef in grocery stores and restaurants that sell steaks and burgers.

Wynkoop says these prices are alarming and he has had to change his menu prices in order to compensate. Wynkoop says he raised his prices by 30 cents in September, but the price of beef increased by an additional 70 cents after September.

“It keeps climbing and climbing and everyone’s wondering when it will stop,” said Wynkoop.

Gyrene Burger Company customers like Samuel Stonier said the higher restaurant prices may influence their choices.

“Right now they have reasonable prices but if it goes to extreme I might have to go to another place just because,” said Stonier.

Emad Alijaber, the owner of Niro’s Gyro’s said he hasn’t raised his prices yet, but if he’s forced to raise price, he hopes customers will understand.

“I’m trying to survive the storm because right now we’re talking about gas going down and beef going up, maybe later on beef will go down and gas will go up,” said Aljaber.

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