Woman writes heartwarming letter to her daughter’s stepmom

One mom wrote a touching letter about her daughter Stiles, pictured left, and her new stepmom Ashley, pictured right. (Women With Worth / Candice Curry))

NEW YORK (ABC) – The divorce and remarriage of one’s parents can be a difficult thing for any child to endure. But one mom praised her daughter’s new stepmother in a heartwarming letter.

Candice Curry, 39, wrote a post on the blog Women With Worth titled “An Open Letter To My Daughter’s Stepmom.” The post starts off with Curry expressing her previous disdain over her daughter Stiles’ new stepmother named Ashley.

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“I never wanted you here. You simply were never part of the plan. Growing up and dreaming of my family I never included you,” Curry says in the post.

However, Curry then shifts gears as she discusses how Ashley was a positive force in their family.

“Because of you and your courage to mother our daughter the way that you do, she will be a better woman. She will grow up with more love than I could have ever imagined,” Curry says.

According to the New York Daily News, Ashley has been co-parenting Stiles for seven years total, two years in the role of stepmother. Ashley commented on the letter shortly after it was published.

“Candice, I don’t know what to say. I am not good with words like you are and the way you express yourself. All I can say is I am crying like at the end of ‘The Notebook,’ Ashley said. “You make me feel so special … Thank you for this letter. It made my day and I will keep it close to my heart always. Love you.”

The heartwarming post quickly went viral, garnering over 10,000 shares on Facebook and dozens of praiseworthy comments from mothers and stepmothers in similar situations. You can read the touching letter at the link below.

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