New church offers to buy people beer

Renew Covenant Church

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Most would agree that a beer pairs pretty well with a brat, but what if it was paired with a sermon? A new church is inviting the community to The Firehouse Bar tomorrow night, offering to buy everyone’s first drink.

The church is called Renew Covenant Church. They plan to use the South Middle School Auditorium until they can secure a more permanent location. Their first service will be sometime in January.

The pastor is licensed with the Evangelical Covenant Denomination. He told us his vision for the church is to connect the community with God, engage in deep relationships and see lives renewed. “I know it might be weird and it might cause tension for a church to have an event in a bar, but as Jesus did his ministry, he went out to the places that others thought that maybe he shouldn’t be or places he shouldn’t go. And so we want to do that as a church. We want to go to those places and meet people where they are at on their level,” says Jamie Staples, the Pastor of Renew Covenant Church.

The church doesn’t have a cap for the amount they plan to spend on tap beer. But they will only buy one beer per person.

Church members will be at The Firehouse from 6 to 10 tomorrow night.

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