Lost Christmas gift finds its way from North Carolina to Indiana

On Thanksgiving weekend, the Huffman family was in Indiana visiting family. When they packed up for the almost 11-hour drive home they strapped a box of Christmas presents from the grandparents to the top of their car, but not tight enough. A few hours into their trip home, a driver flagged them down.

“[The driver] was pointing to the top and noticed it was open and a few items had flew out,” said Amy Huffman, Lexi’s mom.

One of those items was a gift with snowman wrapping paper. That one was Lexi’s gift from her grandparents. Huffman figured that since it fell on a very busy interstate and during a very busy travel weekend that they would never see that gift again. Thankfully, someone else did.

“This box caught my eye in the median on the interstate,” said George Haskett, who just happened to drive by and notice the gift.

Haskett pulled over, put on his flashers, crossed two lanes of traffic and even hopped the cable barrier to grab what he would find out was in fact a present.

“There was a label on it and it said ‘To Lexi, From Grandma and Grandpa,'” said Haskett.

Only having the name Lexi to go by, Gasket and his wife, Sandy, who are grandparents themselves, took to social media and posted a message hoping it would eventually reach the gift’s owner. Within a week, that message would get thousands of views, would be shared by local media and even shared by friends of Amy Huffman.

“We were like, it can’t be the same present,” said Huffman.

Sure enough it was. Huffman contacted the Hasketts, and when she described the contents of the box, which we’re told are very unique, the Hasketts dropped the gift in the mail. Now, thanks to them, the present, still with the snowman wrapping paper, is back where it belongs with Lexi.

“It really is the magic of Christmas,” said Huffman, “Who would have thought. We lost a gift in the middle of nowhere on the interstate and here it finds us all the way back in North Carolina. It’s pretty amazing.”

Just like Lexi, people all over social media have been asking the Huffman’s what’s in the box! So they decided that if they can raise $5,000 before Christmas for a charity called Rupert’s Kids, Lexi can open the gift early.

Click here to donate.

Click here for information on Rupert’s Kids.

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