Knoxville program gives custom toys to children with disabilities

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It was an early Christmas tonight for some area children. Thanks to Toy Tech, kids with disabilities now have toys, custom-made, just for them.

You could say that Santa arrived a bit early at least the East Tennessee Technology Access Center and it is all thanks to some “elves” who donated time and energy to customize these toys.

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Volunteers started in September re-working toys to make Monday’s Toy Tech Party possible.

It’s something parent Dawn James describes as almost overwhelming.

“It just fills a mom’s heart,” said James. “You see them go through so much. When you get to see them go through something where they are just a typical three- or four-year-old kid, it just fills your cup and gives you the energy you need to go on to the challenges that are next.”

The United Way helps fund this program. They were also on hand to to witness the joy this brings to the families, first hand.

“This is a day when Christmas comes to ETTAC,” said Marie Alhorn with United Way. “Everyone loves Christmas, and Christmas is for everyone.”

That includes adults as well.

“This is my Christmas tonight,” said ETTAC Executive Director Lois Symington. “This is the most important day of the year to me.”

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