Teacher Supply Depot


Teachers traditionally invest as much as $500-$700 of their personal funds each year for supplies in their classrooms.  Often basic tools for learning are lacking — pens, pencils, paper, as well as art and other supplies.

While materials may not be available in schools, businesses routinely discard surplus office supplies, art materials, containers, binders, books, desks, office equipment, chairs, and more.  Discarded items are costly to businesses and fill our landfills needlessly.  These discarded items can be used by our teachers!

The Teacher Supply Depot is a clearinghouse for donated surplus materials that can be used in classrooms.  The Knox County School System, Knox County Council PTA, KCEA, Goodwill, the Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership, and Knox County Solid Waste are pleased to announce the operation of this project to support the creative efforts of our teachers throughout the school system.

The Teacher Supply Depot accepts tax-deductible donations, and is in continual need of supplies to stock the Depot.  To donate items, or for more information contact:

Teacher Supply Depot – (865) 470-0750


Here are some ideas of items you can donate.  If it’s not listed here, but you think it might be usable, call the Teacher Supply Depot before discarding it.  Remember, your donation is tax-deductible!

Art Paper Magazines (Time, National Geographic, etc.)
Art Supplies Manilla File Folders (letter size)
Art Tissue Paper Modeling Clay
Board Erasers (dry erase & chalk) Note Pads
Bulletin Board Materials Notebook Paper
Calculators Number Line Desk Tapes
Chalk Overhead Markers
Children’s Music (tapes, records, & books) Paper Clips (all sizes)
Clear Tape Pencils (number 2)
Clipboards Permanent Markers
Color Copy Paper Play-Dough
Color Card Stock Paper Poster Board
Colored Pencils Post-it Notes (all kinds)
Coloring Markers (all sizes) Protractors
Compasses Red Pencils & Pens
Construction Paper Reward/Incentive Items
Crayons (jumbo & regular size, assorted box count) Rubber Bands
Dividers Rug Samples
D’Nealian ABC Desk Tapes Rugs
Dry Erase Boards (all sizes) Rulers
Dry Erase Markers School/Pencil Boxes
Elmer’s Glue Scissors (round & pointed)
Erasers for Pencils Scotch Tape & Dispensers
Erasers (large pink) Sharpie Pens
First Start Writing Paper Simple Calculators
Games (for all skills) Spiral Notebooks
Glue (assorted size bottles) Staples
Glue Sticks Staplers
Highlighters (all colors & sizes) Stickers
Hole Punches Tempera Paint
Holiday Decorations Theme/Composition Books
Index Cards Wallpaper Books
Ink Pens Watercolor Paint Sets
Labels (all sizes) White-out
Large Writing Tablets Workbooks
Left-hand Scissors Xerox Paper


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