Coalfield teachers and students are proud of their football team

COALFIELD (WATE) – The results weren’t what they’d hoped for, but the students and teachers at Coalfield School were able to keep an eye on the game Friday. It was a tough time watching the Coalfield state championship game against Union City for those who stayed behind and didn’t make it to the game in Cookeville.

Zandy Knox, a teacher at Coalfield, was multi-tasking; he was grading papers while enjoying the game. Even though the final score wasn’t the outcome Knox hoped for, he’s still proud of his students.

“The product, the end product is not what any of us wanted but the process was a beautiful thing,” said Knox.

Knox says his students are still winners. Not winning the 1A state title doesn’t mean much to him because he says they won in other ways like by bringing the town together.

“I hope they know how very proud we are of them and how proud not only their teachers are of them and administrators but the community as a whole,” said Knox.

When good plays were made they cheered. It was a close first half and teachers like Jeremy Wallace had hope for a win.

“Yeah I thought we had a really good shot. If we could’ve minimized those mistakes in that 2nd half, I thought we could’ve had a really good shot,” said Wallace.

The tables turned by the end of the first half. Wallace says the Yellow Jackets shouldn’t hang their heads low because a state runner up is still an accomplishment.

“I’m going to send a couple of those guys a text and I’ll just give them a big hug and tell them how proud I am of them because there all great kids,” said Wallace.

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