Seymour couple married for 70 years, dies hours apart

Jack and June Hopper

LUTTRELL (WATE) – A Seymour couple is being remembered for what many in the area are calling a true love story. The two were married for 70 years before dying hours apart of each other this week.

Jack and June Hopper’s story began in high school. The two met one day when Jack’s future wife was cleaning a chalk board.

“She turned to throw a chalk board eraser at the other kid, but missed. It flew out the window and hit daddy. That’s how they met,” said Jacque Hopper, their daughter.

Decades later, the couple celebrated 70 years of marriage.

“Not many people make it to that nowadays. It was just something super fantastic,” said Hopper.

Known affectionately as “Mimmie” and “Pippie,” the two traveled the world filling up 50 albums worth of photos. One of their grandchildren, Mayme Taylor, was amazed by their relationship and asked her great grandmother the big question.

“How do you do it? How do you stay married and the answer she gave me was simple. She said you just stay married,” said Taylor.

On Tuesday, Jack died at 88-years-old. He had cancer.

Fourteen hours later his wife, June, passed away too at 86-years-old. She was suffering from dementia.

“Daddy passed on Tuesday morning and then that night about 12:30, he came back for his sweetheart,” said Hopper.

It’s a story they hope to pass along to future generations.

The couple has a big family to carry on their legacy. They have four children, eight grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren.

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