Volunteers with Mobile Meals deliver 500 holiday dinners to homebound seniors in Knox County

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Each Thanksgiving, volunteers with Mobile Meals delivered hundreds of meals to seniors in Knox County.

Tamra Brown says for the last ten years her family has been picking up the coolers, driving the route and delivering the meals. Over the years, delivering hot holiday feasts for mobile meals has become their family’s Thanksgiving Day tradition.

“My meal can wait,” says Brown. “It’s just a good feeling. They need to eat everyday just like we do and aren’t capable of doing that themselves so they need these meals delivered.”

Mobile Meals Manager Judith Pelot says Thanksgiving morning meals are delivered to Knox County home-bound seniors who are alone on Thanksgiving.

Five-hundred seniors in Knox County will be given a warm meal complete with ham, mashed potatoes and pumpkin mousse.

“If we weren’t serving these seniors a lot of them would be home alone, isolated, no contact,” said Pelot.

Rubye Baldock, 90, has limited use of her legs so standing and cooking a hot meal is nearly impossible. She says she appreciated the food and the company of new friends.

“It’s great. I just enjoy their visits very much,” said Baldock.

Five days a week around 80 volunteers deliver a hot meal to 800 homebound seniors in Knox County who are unable to make or get a hot meal of their own. Brown says when you take the time to help others you actual get more than you give.

“We have so much and there are so many people out there who don’t have things that we do and it’s just gives you a good feeling,” said Brown.

Mobile Meals says volunteers are always needed. If you would like to volunteer or know a homebound senior who could use the assistance of mobile meals call 865-524-2786

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