Mystery letter sent to Scott County residents

HUNTSVILLE (WATE) – A letter going around a town in Scott County telling people to clean up their property is a bit of a mystery. The letter is not coming from the source the letter says.

A few people in the town of Huntsville have received the letter that appears to be from the town mayor. Some of the letters came to the mailboxes on Virgil Cecil Road. However, the Huntsville mayor says he hasn’t sent out any letters.

Kimberly Kidd got the letter last week. She thought it was sent to everyone.

“I thought it was a nice letter. My husband read it and we just thought the town of Huntsville had sent everybody a nice letter,” said Kidd. “I didn’t take offense because I just thought it was a nice letter. There was no negative statements or anything in it.”

The letter states they want to “encourage all residents to keep their properties clean, clear of trash and things that make your place look unkept in abandon… Your home has a reflection on you and the town of Huntsville.”

“Well I think it’s complementary really. It didn’t say anything except clean the town and that we’re going to have a bad winter. It just wasn’t sent by us,” Mayor George W. Potter said.

Kidd says she finds it strange knowing the letter wasn’t from the mayor, but understands their concerns because a fake letter used to scam people could cause a lot of trouble.

“The town of Huntsville didn’t send it and if someone wanted to write a letter that was not good and put the town’s name on it, then it would reflect on them,” said Kidd.

Potter says anytime his staff writes a letter, it will be on an official letterhead.

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