Missing 15-month-old child found on McMinn County road

(source: McMinn County Sheriff's Office)

ATHENS (WATE) – The McMinn County Sheriff says it’s a “miracle” after a missing 15-month-old child was found on a road.

The child was found on a County Road in McMinn County by a citizen assisting in the search.

“Finding the child just before dark, on a cold night, is just sort of a miracle,” said McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy. “We’ve all got a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.”

McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy says the child appears to be in good health and will be transported to a hospital for evaluation.

The sheriff’s office was alerted that a child was missing at 11:15 a.m. Thursday. Deputies responded to a residence on County Road 54 where Peggy Damen said her grandson, Paxton Sluter, was missing from his bed.

Sheriff Guy says Damen could not give specific information about the last time she had been with the child.

“It’s possible that Ms. Damen took the child to Meigs County last night,” said Sheriff Guy, “but at ths point we can’t confirm that.”

Deputies, firefighters and volunteers helped search the area around the house.

McMinn County Sheriff’s Office, along with TBI, will continue to investigate the circumstances of the child’s disappearance.

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