Matthew Pickwell, A.L. Lotts Elementary School

Matthew Pickwell, A.L. Lotts Elementary School

Matthew Pickwell is a fourth grader teacher of A.L. Lotts Elementary and our Mr. Pickwell, A.L. Lotts Elementary School, Fourth Grade and our September 2013 teacher of the month.

Here is what Matthew’s students said about him:

He makes everyone feel important about everything they have to say. He is really good at making learning fun. He is encouraging and also funny. He deserves to win!

Mr. Pickwell relates so well to the kids on a grown up level. He comes up with new and interesting ways to learn. He cares about his students!

He is a fun teacher and makes learning fun and exciting! He is just a cool teacher! All of his students enjoy being in his class!

He communicates well with the parents and students. Mr. Pickwell is respected by his students and has a well behaved class. I could not recommend this teacher more!

Mr. Pickwell is an outstanding teacher because‚Ķ his joy in teaching comes from his heart he is able to translate his vast knowledge into understandable lessons for the students he is very patient, interested in and caring about the students’ well-being.

He has a high level of integrity and his communication with students and parents is clear, prompt and helpful.

He is very organized and helps the students to work on their organization. His students respect him.

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