Suspects in two Hamblen County robberies are in custody

BEAN STATION (WATE) – The two suspects allegedly involved in two Hamblen County robberies are in custody.

Hamblen County dispatch says Jonas Bolden, 23, and Sarah Long, 19, were pulled over during a traffic stop in Bean Station and were taken into custody without incident.

Bolden and Long were wanted in connection two especially aggravated armed robberies.

The first victim, who is bedridden, told officers that Bolden asked to enter her home, located on Greene Road, and use her phone on November 2. The victim says she told Bolden no, and that’s when he gained entry to the home and held her at knife point.

Deputies say the second burglary occurred on November 4 on Spring Creek Drive. They say Bolden, with the help of Long, entered J.E. Bunch’s home with a knife and demanded money from the resident.

“He pushed me down and held the knife at my throat,” said Bunch.

Bunch refused to give up the money, at which time Long went into another room and found the victim’s pistol.

“He put up the knife and caught the pistol and pointed it at my head you know but I had no intentions of giving him my money,” said Bunch.

Bunch told deputies they forcibly took his money, bruising him and breaking his clavicle.

Bunch says Bolden and Long then attempted to break his phone before fleeing the residence.

“This kind of looked like somebody that was going after money whatever necessary means it took to get it so they could get that next pill fix,” said Sgt. David Cribley with the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies have been searching all week for Bolden and Long, considering them armed and dangerous. Saturday they heard that the couple may have been hiding out in Bean Station.

They combed the area and found them driving along Lakeshore Drive where pulled them over and arrested both.

It was news that came as a relief to Bunch.

“I’m very thankful for that and I hope they get a long time in prison,” he said.

Both Bolden and Long are facing charges of especially aggravated robbery and theft.

They are being held without bond.

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