Doritos-flavored Mountain dew is now a real thing

PHILADELPHIA (ABC) – Not all ideas are good ideas. In a controversial photo posted to Reddit, one man revealed that Mountain Dew has created a a new, junk food abomination: a Doritos-flavored soft drink.

Steve Barnes posted the single image of a solo cup he had sampled at a taste-testing event to Reddit, in front of a “Mtn Dew: Dewitos” banner, sending the internet into a horrified frenzy.

“I didn’t realize my weird taste testing experience would become so popular!” Barnes exclaimed. “It honestly wasn’t that disgusting. It tasted like orange with a Doritos after taste. It tasted like straight Doritos afterwards though. Weirdest thing I’ve ever drunken,” Barnes told the Reddit community.

Barnes told ABC that the taste-testing was held at an event on the Kent State University campus, called “Dew After Dark.” The small setup included several booths where volunteers could sample several different flavors, including Lemon-Ginger, Habanero Mango and Rainbow Sherbet. At the end, there was an electronic survey and T-shirt giveaway.”

The Lemon-Ginger flavor tasted like ginger ale, the Habanero Mango tasted like really spicy mango, and the Rainbow Sherbet had a really overly sweet fruity flavor,” Barnes told ABC. “Maybe I’d buy the Lemon Ginger or Rainbow Sherbet flavors. I wasn’t too hot on the other ones.”

PepsiCo confirmed they are testing the Doritos-flavored drink, though did not confirm if it will become available in stores any time soon, reported Time.

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