NASA astronauts grow a water bubble in space

NEW YORK (ABC) What does water look like in space? NASA latest video shows three astronauts playing around with a water bubble they’ve grown inside the International Space Station.

During Expedition 40 of the ISS last summer, NASA astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman–along with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst–produced the fun experiment to explore the phenomenon of water surface tension in microgravity.

In the video, the astronauts use their water pouches, normally used for drinking, to slowly grow a water bubble. The bubble reacts like nothing seen on Earth, blobbing and jiggling like jello when touched, yet contracting back into a spherical shape as the water tension calms.

Then someone throws a a tiny GoPro camera into the bubble, to show us what it looks like from the inside.

Collecting the rogue droplets with towels, the crew does their best to make sure the water does not touch any of their sensitive equipment inside the station.

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