King’s Academy, Lenoir City to face off in charity football game Saturday

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Preparations were underway Friday at Grace Christian Academy for their annual “CareActer” Star Community Service Bowl Game.

While Grace Christian is hosting it, the King’s Academy Lions will play the Lenoir City Panthers on Saturday. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. This will allow two teams that did not make it to the playoffs to take part in one more game this year.

With a $5 entry and T-shirts being sold as well, the money raised will help two kids: Mickey Carter from Norwood Middle School, who is fighting cancer, and Dominique McKeethan, from Lenoir City, recovering from a liver transplant.

The twist in this game is that they won’t be keeping score. That’s been getting some major attention.

“We just found out this is the first ever sanctioned football game in middle school, high school, college or the NFL that will have zero points scored for the entire game. Every player is going to enter the field a winner, and every player is going to leave a winner,” said organizer Gregg Bostick.

This weekend is an off weekend for the University of Tennessee, which means this would be the only football game in town. They’re hoping that draws a bigger crowd.

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