Homeowners in Annadell Community want waterlines installed

WARTBURG (WATE) – Homeowners in a Morgan County community are tired of relying on well-water. They say it’s time for a better water supply.

Homeowners around the Annadell community, near Lancing, know infrastructure means a big effort and investment for this rural part of the county to receive waterlines.

For many homeowners along Annadell Road, having enough water is challenging.

“Daily we can take two showers and one load of laundry. You’re doing good to be able to do dishes after that,” said homeowner Cynthia Branstetter.

Out there homeowners are limited, either use a well or haul in water.

“It’s the simplest, most basic thing known to man. We want water and we don’t have it,” said Branstetter.

For that simple reason they’re trying harder than ever to get waterlines installed.

“Most people take it for granted but it really is a luxury. We need access to a good water supply,” said homeowner Roger Griffith.

So what is it going to take? County leaders say hundreds of thousands of dollars in state grant money.

“I’m still able to use it to wash and stuff with my filter but if my filter goes out I won’t be able to,” said Audrey Griffith.

It’s the rural area, rough terrain, and rock as reasons to why work will be expensive. There’s no time frame yet but homeowners are holding out hope.

“We’re not going to quit trying to do this because we’ve worked at this for so many years,” said Griffith.

Morgan County leaders say they’re working with the Plateau Utility District to come up with solutions and use some left over grant money to install waterlines.

We’ve learned 10 roads in North Morgan County will be receiving waterlines based on a $525,000 Community Development Block grant, that money should be able to service roughly 50 homes.

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