6 On Your Side Spotlight: Sevier County photographer giving back to local families

6 News Reporter

SEYMOUR (WATE) – It is something that some might take for granted but can mean so much to others.

A Sevier County photographer is offering her talents for families who are dealing with serious medical issues or death.

They are called Forever Faith photography sessions.

Mary Beth Norwood has always loved taking pictures. About six years ago she started her own photography business, Mary Elizabeth Photography.

“It surprises me when I see some and I’m like, ‘Oh I didn’t even know I captured that one!’ and it may be the best one that I captured out of every one of them,” said Norwood.

Recently she was looking for a way to do something special and soon created sessions called Forever Faith.

“Just to kind of bring joy and peace to some families,” said Norwood.

Through a mutual friend, Norwood had heard the story of Maxim Hurst. Just two years old he has been through a lifetime of adversity.

“He’s had a brain tumor and a stroke caused by the brain tumor, and earlier this year he had it reoccur and so he’s had more brain tumors and he’s been through radiation,” said Maxim’s mother Jessica Hurst.

Norwood thought of the Hurst family right away.

“I’ve followed Max for probably about a year now, so I’ve watched him go through everything that he’s been going through, and I wanted to document how he’s overcome everything,” she said.

Norwood says these sessions are more than just taking pictures. They live by their name, Forever Faith, creating lasting memories of hope and happiness.

“To show awareness that there is hope, for people not to give up. I mean he has overcome so many things in just his short little time and he’s such a miracle,” she said.

At low or no cost and taking only about an hour, Norwood’s hope is that the sessions will bring ease to something that may seem out of reach for families consumed by medical bills and doctors’ appointments.

“It’s very heartwarming. I love going back and going through everything and seeing the moments that I have captured,” said Norwood.

The Hurst family says they are living proof that something that seems so simple can really mean so much.

“We definitely want to document our lives and the boys at all stages but it would also be nice to have in case something does, you know with a medical child you never know what tomorrow holds,” said Jessica Hurst.

Norwood says she when she charges for the Forever Faith sessions it is only a small amount for travel costs, but she says she is trying to raise some money so that all the Forever Faith sessions can be free for the families.

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