Morgan County dispatchers say unexplainable things happen in 911 center

WARTBURG (WATE) – Morgan County 911 dispatchers say there are a lot of unexplained “spooky” things going on in their building. They say they see and hear all kinds of strange things, when supposedly no one else is there.

The building was constructed six years ago.

“Some people say we’re haunted we have ghosts. Some people say we’re going to just say things are happening and that’s what we’re going to go with, and some just don’t know what to believe and I’m one of those I just don’t know what to believe,” said 911 Director Matthew Brown.

Brown showed WATE 6 On Your Side the building and spots where he says strange things have happened- from the toilets flushing when no one is in the bathroom- to shadows in the hallway when no one was there.

“Everybody has had the experiences but nobody knows how to explain it,” Brown said.

He also says there are times when he looks at the security camera footage. He sees what looks like a packed hallway, but then when he reviews the footage or checks the hallway, there is no one there.

Brown has also seen what looks like someone fishing outside the building, but when he went to investigate no one was there.

The 911 dispatchers say they’ve seen the same things Brown has.

“I don’t think it’s ghosts, I hope it’s not. I hope I don’t have to work any night shifts anytime soon either,” said dispatcher Haleigh Shadden.

The employees say the strange things have been happening since it was built. They say they aren’t scared because they are so used to it.

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