More customers frustrated with delayed shipments from Knoxville mattress store

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – More customers are frustrated with the owner of a mattress store. A Knoxville couple is asking how long they have wait for their delivery. They called 6 On Your Side not long after another couple complained about the same store owner.

The store owner got mad when we asked some questions.

We have received calls from several families upset about the timely delivery of their bedroom furniture purchased from Sam Brehm.

Each couple had been given a time when their belongings would be delivered, but each told us they were given a number of excuses why they had to wait.

Jeannie and Jim Rhodes removed their old bedroom furniture in early September after they had ordered and paid for a king size bed, mattress and box springs.

They purchased it two months ago from Mattress Express in South Knoxville owned by Sam Brehm.

“We paid for it on August 11. We ordered it on August 9,” said Jeannie Rhodes.

She says she was told her furniture would arrive in two weeks to a month, but as the expected delivery date grew closer, it was delayed.

“I figured going to a business to order a bed you wouldn’t have to worry about anything, because you want to help out the small businessman to,” she said.

Stephanie Thomas last month showed us three months of messages between herself and Brehm, as she asked about the delay in the delivery of some of her furniture.

“We did not get our log bed frame that we ordered,” said Thomas.

She and her husband met Brehm at the Great Smokies Flea Market in June when he worked there. They paid more than $2,000 in cash for their furniture.

Their receipt did not say it would take more than three months to complete the delivery, but finally in mid-September, the king size bed frame they had ordered in June arrived. By that time the couple was pretty fed up.

“It should have been here a month ago. Maybe even two months ago,” said Jonathan Thomas.

Now the Rhodes family is having the same experience. Brehm has given a number a reasons why delivery of their purchase has been delayed.

“‘We got your bed re-ordered,’ ‘We found another manufacturer that can make the same bed you got,'” said Jimmy Rhodes, describing the reasons given by Brehm.

“Then his wife was in the hospital, so he’s had to close the store. Then he’s not supposed to work, he is supposed to be in bed,” added Jeannie Brehm

We found Brehm’s mattress store closed. A note left on the door says “closed due to illness.”

David Agee runs a business next to Mattress Express. He says some of Brehm’s customers have visited his shop wanting to know about Brehm.

“There are people who are waiting on their delivery,” said Agee. “It’s kind of the talk of the strip mall here, you know.”

We learned Brehm is working temporarily in Sevierville helping to close out a furniture store there.

We did not get a friendly welcome from him.

“Get out of the store. You are not allowed to film,” he told us.

“When will Jeannie, when will the Rhodes be getting their furniture?” we asked.

“I told you to get off, get off the property. I told you to get off the property. You are not allowed to film,” replied Brehm.

As we were trying to leave, Brehm nearly pushed photographer Dave Wignall down the steps. Not once did Brehm answer our question about delivering the Rhodes’ bed, mattress and box springs

“I’m beginning to think we’re not going to get nothing,” said Jimmy Rhodes.

They continue using their old bed as the third month of waiting begins.

“I want a new bed. I would love to have the one I ordered,” said Jeannie Rhodes.

After he calmed down, Brehm told 6 On Your Side on the phone there are about 10 other customers waiting for their furniture. Brehm said he expects each one of them to be getting their delivery.

As to why his store in South Knoxville is closed, Brehm said his son runs the business, but said he’s sick and cannot be at the store.

When you buy furniture and it has to be ordered, you should expect delivery within what is called a “reasonable amount of time.” If a date is not specified in your contract, waiting months goes beyond a reasonable amount of time.

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