Hand washing problems, roaches lower Knoxville Japanese restaurant’s health score

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Workers at at one Knoxville restaurant were apparently unaware of proper hand washing rules, plus the management was pretty lax about sanitation regulations and making sure the place was bug free.

Ichiban Japanese Grill, 6737 Clinton Highway – Grade: 76

That is a passing grade, but there were a number of critical violations.

First off, the inspector found presence of roaches at Ichiban. That’s not a good sign. The restaurant’s pest control company was ordered to pay a visit by the time of the follow up inspection.

When the inspector checked water at the big three compartment sink, where pots and pans are cleaned, washed and sanitized, the water was dirty, defeating the purpose.

The inspector writes he watched a kitchen worker go outside, then return to the kitchen and start working without washing his hands first.

Another kitchen employee washed his hands without using any soap and when the inspector checked the sink where employees wash their hands, the hot water wasn’t working.

There will be a follow up inspection in a few days.

Top scores of the week:

  • Subway, 25 Market Square – Grade: 100
  • Coffee & Chocolate, 327 Union Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Two Sisters Gourmet, 7419 Middlebrook Pike – Grade: 100
  • Frussie’s Deli, 133 E. Moody Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Zeke’s Grill, 1604 6th Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Noodles & Company, 11083 Parkside Drive – Grade: 99
  • Taco Bell, 6504 Chapman Highway – Grade: 99
  • Froyoz, 6631 Clinton Highway – Grade: 99
  • Abuelo’s Mexican Embassy, 11299 Parkside Drive – Grade: 98
  • Krystal, 4100 Chapman Highway – Grade: 98
  • Starbucks, 2017 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 98

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