Autopsy report reveals Baby Levi’s cause of death as homicide caused by child abuse

Levi Beaty (source: family)

WARTBURG (WATE) – A newly released autopsy report has revealed new details about the death of Morgan County toddler Levi Beaty, stating that the cause of death was homicide caused by child abuse.

The report says the 17-month-old died of chest trauma due to a rupture of the aorta, the body’s main artery. Medical examiners say this was the consequence of multiple blunt force injuries caused by child abuse.

Amanda Beaty
Amanda Beaty

The autopsy notes that a number of recent and older blunt force injuries were seen on the child’s body, including injuries to his face, a fracture of his lumbar spine, and other bone and muscular injuries.

Beaty’s mother Amanda Beaty and her boyfriend Roger Prince were arrested in September and charged with first degree murder. They pleaded not guilty.

Rodger Prince
Rodger Prince

Levi Beaty died on June 1. Beaty and Prince initially said Levi died after choking on a cookie. Beaty told 6 News he had a history of medical problems.

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