Mom of Morgan County toddler who died last month reveals medical records

Medical records are shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding a Morgan County child's death that the TBI is currently investigating.

WARTBURG (WATE) – Medical records are shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding a Morgan County child’s death that the TBI is currently investigating. Levi Beaty, 17 months, died June 1 after being at his mother’s apartment in Wartburg.

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His mother Amanda Beaty said he choked on a cookie, but that didn’t match up with what the medical examiner found. Beaty’s boyfriend Rodger Prince was at the scene, but investigators said he was under orders not to be around.

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Beaty now admits she has lied about one detail in the case because she wasn’t sure if she would be in trouble with DCS for Prince being around Levi. She says she told investigators and the media that Prince had just come to her apartment when Levi collapsed, but she says the truth is he was actually watching Levi that night while she ran to the store.

When she got back, she says Levi collapsed about 15 minutes later.

Levi Beaty (source: family)
Levi Beaty (source: family)

“I’m glad that he appeared to be happy and healthy and stuff, but on the inside Levi wasn’t so healthy and documentation backs that up,” Beaty said.

She gave 6 News Levi’s medical records dating back to October of 2013, which show he had a history of bruising, fractures, tooth injuries, a blood disorder, a milk allergy and severe eczema, among other things. These injuries were reported to DCS, prompting them to take Levi and his siblings from his mother multiple times this year.

“They took him away because the breaks and the fact that they didn’t know exactly what was causing those,” said Beaty.

The records show Levi was taken to the emergency room for a back injury on October 28.

Amanda Beaty
Amanda Beaty

The preliminary autopsy indicates that he died from multiple blunt force injuries both recent and healing.

When asked how he got those injuries, Beaty said, “As far as the broke collar bone my 6-year-old daughter had got him out of the playpen that’s been confirmed even with DCS talking with her that she got him out of the playpen and that’s how his collar bone got broke.”

However, referring to the same incident an East Tennessee Children’s Hospital doctor wrote, “Mother uncertain how injury occurred and 6-year-old denied dropping child.”

Another ETCH doctor on January 31 wrote, “If these injuries are occurring by sibling, at minimum there is a lack of supervision and neglect occurring.”

“Of course he’s fell and things like that but not from child abuse, no,” Beaty said.

We asked Beaty who she thinks is responsible for Levi’s death.

“I think it’s his medical history. On the medical documents it states in there that he has heart problems that even I wasn’t aware of,” she said.

The records also point to neglectful behavior by Beaty and Prince when Levi was at the hospital.

“I’m not going to be afraid. I mean I know I didn’t do anything. I know Rodger and nobody else did anything either.”

The medical examiner’s office says the final autopsy could take three to six months, and possibly longer.

Neither the TBI or DCS are commenting on this case.

Beaty’s two other children have been in foster care since the investigation. She says she has a lawyer and she’s working to get them back.

There is a candlelight vigil and memory march planned for 7 p.m. July 25 at the Morgan County Courthouse. Beaty says she plans to attend.

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