Morgan County mom says toddler son who died in June was never abused

Amanda Beaty
Amanda Beaty

WARTBURG (WATE) – A Morgan County mother is speaking out on camera for the first time since her toddler son died last month.

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Amanda Beaty says her 17-month-old son Levi collapsed after choking on a cookie while at her Wartburg apartment on June 1st. Also at the home that night was her boyfriend, Rodger Prince. Because of a prior abuse case, investigators say Prince was not supposed to around Levi.

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Beaty says Levi was never abused by anyone, despite what many others are now claiming.

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Beaty says she called 911 because he was choking on a cookie. But she says she doesn’t think that’s why he died, instead telling 6 News it was a combination of prior health issues- from a blood disorder to heart problems, and a milk allergy that caused brittle bones.

You can hear Beaty’s frantic 911 call the night Levi died. She remembers that night clearly, including a detail she says she hasn’t revealed before, that her boyfriend Rodger Prince was watching Levi that day, despite a no contact order from a previous abuse investigation.

“I had went to the grocery store that day to get the kids some stuff. I left the kids here. Rodger did babysit them while I was gone. As far as the no contact order that was in place it was being let up by DCS,” Beaty said.

Soon after she got home, Amanda says things went terribly wrong.

“I went to get Levi some strawberries and turned back around to see Levi had collapsed right here. Rodger then flipped him over and I was standing there watching, flipped him over to notice that he wasn’t breathing. I knew the last thing he had in his mouth was cookies that he got from my cookie jar.”

But the officer and other responders on scene reported no signs of a cookie, or any other food, near Levi.

“Rodger and the firefighter from upstairs had scooped what cookie was left in his mouth, and the reason there’s no cookie evidence or no wrappers because they’re in the canister in the kitchen,” Beaty said.

She says even though her son looked healthy, he was always sick and she says his medical records prove that. The preliminary autopsy report reveals Levi had multiple blount force injuries, both recent and healing.

“As far as the broke collar bone my six-year-old daughter had got him out of the playpen that’s been confirmed even with DCS.”

She says that happened in November. When asked about the recent injuries she said, “I can’t explain those.”
When asked what he died from she said, “I don’t know yet we’re still waiting on an autopsy to come back. The final autopsy will show exactly what he died from.”

When asked if she will be surprised if there are any charges in the case she said, “No because there won’t be nothing happened.”

Prince tells 6 News he will comment on this case when the time is right.

DCS nor the TBI has commented because it is still being investigated. No charges have been filed. Beaty’s two other children are currently in foster care.

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