Church helps less fortunate Jefferson County couple in need

TALBOTT (WATE) – An East Tennessee church has responded to the needs of an impoverished Jefferson County couple.

Consumer investigator Don Dare first reported about the couple back in June when a concerned neighbor contacted 6 On Your Side about the plight of Jake McKinney and his wife, Evelyn. Living conditions at the couple’s home are bad. Their three-acre piece of property is filled with vehicles, many of which don’t run. There’s also no running water or septic tank on the property.

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After seeing the report, a neighboring church in Talbot is leading the effort to help the couple. Ashton Smith, her father and other members of Captive Free Ministries are assisting the couple with some of their needs around their property. Their plans involve helping the couple clean up a lot of accumulated junk and building a small house. They already have someone lined up to do the septic system.

Glen Dockins, pastor of Captive Free Ministries said, “They’re three miles away from our church. It’s devastating. I’ve been to third world countries, but I’ve never seen this kind of living conditions.”

The church’s first order of business is to remove the junk from the McKinney’s property. There are a few vehicles that can be sold for scrap. Another vehicle owned by the couple has been powered up for their use.

The church has a lot of donated labor to help with their efforts but they are requesting building supplies; wood and other materials necessary to construct a house and a septic system.

When asked what it will mean to the couple to have their property straightened up, a bathroom and roof over their head, Jake said, “Oh, it’ll be nice. It’ll be like paradise.”

Work on the clean up begins this week. Smith says, “It has blessed my heart to know the community is coming together like this and willing to help.

Anyone interested in donating to the church’s effort can do so by visiting their website:

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