Campbell Co. shooter Bartley arrested on domestic assault, evading arrest charges

Kenny Bartley (source: Campbell County Sheriff's Office)
Kenny Bartley (source: Campbell County Sheriff's Office)

LAFOLLETTE (WATE) – The man found guilty in the Campbell County High School shootings is back behind bars, after being arrested late Saturday night on a number of charges.

News of Kenny Bartley’s latest arrest is spreading in the Campbell County community. Alan Bowman who’s lived in the area for 12 years is just learning about Bartley’s new charges and isn’t surprised.

“There is a history associated with this young man. He needs help,” said Bowman of Lafollette.  

Campbell County sheriff’s deputies arrested Bartley at his parent’s home Saturday night around 10 p.m. His father called authorities after his son made threatening statements toward him.

Deputies say Bartley tried to escape from them and they ended up stunning him with a taser to arrest him. Bartley’s attorney, Greg Isaacs, calls the new incident a cry for help.

Bartley’s attorney, Greg Isaacs, calls the new incident a cry for help.

“I think anybody from the age of 14 that would be incarcerated for eight years and suddenly win their freedom dramatically. They’re going to have issues in the transition,” said Isaacs.

Bartley recently spent eight years in prison for killing assistant principal Ken Bruce in 2005. In February, a new jury found him guilty of reckless homicide which carried a sentencing of three years.

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He got out of prison on time served.

The widow of victim, Ken Bruce, issued a statement to 6 News saying, “Unfortunately, we are not surprised by this latest development. We pray for peace.”

Both Bartley’s attorney and people in the community believe this could be his chance to get help.

“The whole situation is unfortunate. The original case was unfortunate, but again, I’m hoping this will be an opportunity to get Kenny the resources he needs,” said Isaacs.

“Well he continues to be in trouble and he needs to find his way,” said Bowman.

6 News did reach out to the Bartley family, but they declined to comment.

Bartley is charged with domestic assault, resisting arrest, and escape. He was taken to the Campbell County jail where he will stay until his bond can be set in court on Monday morning.

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