TBI investigates domestic homicide in Crossville

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says the shooting happened around 4:45 a.m. Friday on Ackia Drive.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says the shooting happened around 4:45 a.m. Friday on Ackia Drive.

CROSSVILLE (WATE) – A Cumberland County woman is behind bars after investigators say she shot and killed her boyfriend.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said they found Louis Michael Tammaro, 31, dead at a home on Ackia Drive, in the Lake Tansi area of Cumberland County, early Friday morning.

The victim’s loved ones and neighbors said they’re shocked, saddened and never expected a recent breakup to turn deadly, especially inside the quaint Crossville neighborhood.

“[My husband] said, ‘there’s been a murder up the street.’ That’s just really strange, well, for anywhere in Crossville, but especially here,” said neighbor Lydia Barger.

Stephanie Cole (Photo Courtesy: TBI)
Stephanie Cole (Photo Courtesy: TBI)

The typically quiet street of Ackia was flooded with cars and officers from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Friday.

Investigators say around 4:45 a.m. they responded to a call about shots fired at the home. Once they got there, they found Tammaro dead and officers arrested a 36-year-old woman inside the home, who they believe is responsible.

Tammaro lived inside the Ackia Drive home with his girlfriend of eight years.

However, friends say the couple split up recently. They said Tammaro came back to pick up his belongings Thursday night and never left.

The news of the shooting comes as a shock to neighbors. Barger lives down the road and says she and her family walk past the home where the shooting happened every day.

“Lately we’ve been walking every afternoon. Occasionally we’ll see someone out in their yard. It’s very quiet. Cars, when they pass by, usually we know every one of them because they live somewhere in the neighborhood,” Barger said.

She said she didn’t know the couple very well, but they seemed friendly. She never thought something like this would happen inside the Crossville community, and other neighbors agree, which is why officers want to stress this shooting wasn’t random.

“We are in a community in Cumberland County and I want the community to realize there is not a danger in this community right now. It was an isolated incident and domestic related incident. We feel comfortable we have our suspect in custody and the community is safe,” said Chief Investigator Casey Cox, with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Although officers stress this was a domestic fight, family and friends say the couple didn’t have a violent history, which makes this even more surprising and saddening to them.

Investigators have not yet released the name of the suspect while charges are pending.


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