Downtown Knoxville sushi restaurant temporarily closed due to health violations

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A popular downtown Knoxville Japanese restaurant had a rough going when the health inspector visited recently.

The problem at this sushi restaurant had to do with its cooler. Some refrigerators weren’t working properly, according to the health report.

As a result, some fish were way too warm, so the inspector temporarily closed the restaurant until the cooling units were repaired.

The restaurant has since been re-opened.

Shonos in City, 5 Market Square – Original Grade: 79, Adjusted Grade: 97

The original grade is a passing score, but there were critical violations..

The inspector writes all of the coolers were out of temperature. The low temperatures were in the danger zone, warm enough for the rapid growth of bacteria that could potentially make customers sick.

A container of heavy cream was at 65 degrees, a plate of shrimp at 59 degrees, two plates of tuna at 56 degrees and salmon at 55 degrees. All were ordered thrown away.

A temperature of 41 and below is required to slow bacteria growth.

The inspector writes in her report that the establishment was closed.  However, the coolers were repaired within hours, and Shonos in City reopened the next day.

The inspector also watched the sushi chef forgetting to wash his hands before putting on his gloves, as state health rules require. That is a critical violation.

Again, Shonos in City fixed its cooler, food temperatures are where they’re supposed to be, and the new inspection grade is a 97.

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A health inspection report is required to be posted in an area of the restaurant where you can find it and read it.

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