6 On Your Side Answers: Avoiding Scams 101

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With graduation ceremonies nearly wrapped up, there is a renewed focus on the future, and young people are just as vulnerable to scams as seniors are.

Christy in Maryville asks: “What tips do you have for recent graduates on how to spot scams and avoid being scammed?”

One thing every new graduate needs to remember is to keep your personal information to yourself. Identity theft has no age limit, and millions of people are victims of ID theft every year.

When using social network sites, keep your business your business. Post only information you are comfortable with the whole world knowing. Nobody wants to be known as the “TMI” type, so don’t post financial information, details about where you work or where you hang out.

,Steer clear of anyone guaranteeing you financial aid for vocational school or scholarships especially if these groups trying to offer scholarships insist you pay them for the information. Remember, reputable groups don’t charge you for information.

Be aware of people trying to sell you a dream vacation at a bargain price that sounds too good to be true. Scam artists target students who are looking for low cost vacations.

Legitimate job placement services can help launch the career of your dreams, but bogus companies can scam you out of your money. Before paying any money to someone offering to help you land a job, check out who you are doing business with.

The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start to learn about companies that want to find you a job.

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