6 On Your Side Answers: What is the best day to buy airfare?

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Soon the travel season will be upon us. June through August is one of the busiest travel time of the year. If you are a savvy traveler, what are the best deals on airfare?

Anita in Maryville asks: “I’ve heard that Tuesday is the best day of the week to buy airfare. Is that true?”

The new airline model now is fill every seat.  Add in an increasing lack of space between seats, a charge for any and everything from a cup of coffee to a carry-on, and you have to break somewhere.

For travel shoppers looking for a bargain, the conventional wisdom had been Tuesday is the best time to buy airfare, but Deal News reports that Thursday is actually the right day to buy airline tickets at their lowest price.

For domestic flights you can save $10, or $25 for international flights if purchase them on a Thursday.

The worst time to buy is the weekend, with Saturday having the highest prices for domestic travel and Sunday having the highest prices for international travel. So while you might plan your next vacation sometime this weekend, hold off on clicking “buy” until later in the week.

What day is the best day to travel?

It is no surprise that bargain hunters should avoid traveling around the weekends. Wednesday is the cheapest day to depart with a savings of $40 for domestic travel and $60 for international travel.

When is the most expensive day to depart?

Surprisingly, it is not Friday or Saturday, but Sunday. However, Friday is the worst day to head back home with prices $45 higher for domestic flights, $60 more for overseas travel.

Though it might not sound like much, some of these savings add up to $95 for flights within the United States and up to $145 for the cost of an international flight. That’s not too shabby.

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