6 On Your Side Answers: How do I help my pet lose weight?

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – We hear so much about obesity in America. More than one third of adults in the United States are obese according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Just like adults, your favorite pet can be overweight as well, which can lead to similar health related conditions.

Jennifer from Karns asks: “What can I do to help my cat to lose some weight?”

A fat Fido is not happy dog. Neither is an overweight cat. An estimated 54 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight, and pet care experts say 90 percent of their owners are tragically blind to the issue.

Animal experts say the lack of fundamental awareness is a costly and painful epidemic that is almost completely avoidable.

Obesity in pets, just like in humans, can lead to osteoarthritis, type two diabetes, heart disease and joint injury.

To help promote a healthy and positive pet lifestyle, Fetch Pet Care offers these tips to shape up your dog or cat:

  • Taking your dog outside triggers natural play instincts. Letting them run, jump and chase things are natural ways to burn off calories, boost metabolism and energize your pet.
  • If outdoor play is not an option for your indoor cat, a number of motorized treadmills are on the market today.
  • Set exercise goals for your pet that are manageable for your schedule, but that establish a consistent routine, including a moderate level of exercise each and every day for your pet.
  • Your pet is likely smaller than you, so watch the scraps that you feed them. While a small scrap of table food might seem insignificant to you, it can be a huge portion to your pet.
  • If you are out to lose weight, portion control, or knowing the amount you’re eating, is important. It’s the same idea with your pet. Dieting and weight maintenance for animals means using a measuring cup knowing exactly how much food they’re consuming each day. If it works for humans, it will work for your pet.

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