Sandra Guinn, Hardin Valley Elementary

Sandra Guinn, Hardin Valley Elementary

Sandra Guinn is a teacher at Hardin Valley Elementary and our February 2014 teacher of the month.

Here is what students and parents said about her:

Ms. Guinn is an organized take-charge teacher. At the beginning of the year, her colleague with whom she had an excellent rapport and friendship, and who shared teaching the class with her was promoted to Vice Principal. Overnight another teacher was brought in (right before Christmas!) and she welcomed the new teacher with a welcoming and loving heart and made the transition seamless.

It is rare to find such a teacher… one who just embraces and exudes it all… professional, warm and caring to all who know her, greets the children with joy each morning and pats them on the back with commendations every afternoon. While working under core curriculum guidelines, she meets every deadline, work folders filled with the children’s accomplishments for the day, and other work neatly organized, personal notes written to the parents, she returns emails and phone calls…all this and more done with a bright smile on her face and happy children in her room. She is a joy.

We are all blessed to have her this year with her. Thank you for your consideration, I know there are other teachers as deserving, however, Ms. Guinn may top many of them as she is a rare find.

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