6 On Your Side Answers: Who pays and where to go on a first date

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Dating habits have certainly changed over the years, especially first dates.

If you are of a certain age, you may remember, traditionally, guys paid the bill and likely chose the place to eat.

Joy in Knoxville asks, “My daughter is arranging dates. What is the protocol for who pays the tab?”

On the first date, the number one favorite activity for singles is dinner, but questions surround that first dinner.

Should it be at a fancy restaurant or be a home-cooked meal? Who pays the bill?

A recent national survey of 1,000 people shows men and women don’t think alike. Proving chivalry isn’t dead, the majority of guys, 57 percent, expect to pay for a date.

On the other hand, 20 percent believe it’s the responsibility of the person who initiated the date to pay.

Only 18 percent believe it’s better to split the bill.

Surprisingly, in vast contrast, 31 percent of the women surveyed in this new poll want to split the bill, and 29 percent of the women believe it’s the responsibility of the person who initiated the date to pay the tab.

Men, pay attention to this: only 36 percent of the women said they believe it’s the responsibility of the man to dole out the money. Remember, nearly 60 percent of men thought they should pay.

What about the ideal location for that first date? Forty-three percent of the guys prefer a fun and casual restaurant.

Fewer guys, 34 percent, want to spend money on a fancy or elegant restaurant, and only 22 percent of men want to stay in for a home-cooked meal.

Among the women surveyed, unlike the guys, 38 percent of women strongly preferred to stay at home for that yummy first dinner, while 32 percent preferred a fun and casual restaurant. Only 23 percent wanted to visit a fancy, elegant place.

The results of this survey prove guys and gals have surprising divergent opinions about dinner for that first date.

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