6 On Your Side Answers: Is February a good month to buy furniture?

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The rotten weather we’ve had since the beginning of the year has kept a lot of people out of the stores, so there is probably a lot of pent up demand to go shopping.

Sue from Halls asks: “Is February a good month to buy furniture?”

If you are a wise shopper, you might faithfully compare prices online before buying, or you might watch for deep discounts on yesterday’s inventory as new models appear in stores, getting the best deals you possibly can.

Deep discounts for some products go by the calendar, and February is no exception. There are some deals to be made in this short month.

You may have noticed a lot of furniture commercials the last few weeks. That’s because companies want you in their store to make way for new lines that will arrive after the spring high point market that takes place in early April this year.

If you’re an exercise buff, you’ll find great deals on elliptical machines this month. They’re great for turning a cardiovascular exercise into a full-body workout. Budget and mid-priced ellipticals are sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sears, Sports Authority, and Walmart.

At some of those same stores this month, you’ll discover deals on treadmills.These pieces of home exercise equipment can be a big purchase, but you’ll find them a lot cheaper in February.

A load of carry over deals from January include bargains on winter clothing, bedding, linens, and TV sets.

With the bad weather we’ve been having, big box stores and online retailers are anxious to get you either inside their buildings or to shop online.

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