UT Strip restaurant has problems with food temps, low-scoring South Knoxville pizzeria improves

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The lowest scoring restaurant of the week had trouble maintaining proper food temperatures and following simple health department rules that led to several critical violations.

Noodles & Co., 1700 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 74

A grade below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

When the inspector checked the temperature of meatballs on the steam table, it was 115 degrees instead of the required 140 degrees or above.

The meat balls were thrown away to prevent anyone from potentially getting ill.

The inspector found toothpicks and straws stored with a bag of detergent. That’s the wrong place. The detergent is considered a chemical. To prevent any surprises, it should be stored in a separate area away from things that you may put in your mouth.

Also, clean utensils were found in a box stored on the floor near the bathrooms. It seems they either ran out of space or don’t have a drawer for utensils.

Finally, the inspector found an employee hand sink was being used to clean pots and pans. That’s the wrong place because they weren’t being properly cleaned. Pots and pans are supposed to be cleaned, rinsed and sanitized only in the big three-compartment sink according to state health rules.

Reinspected: Napoli Pizza, 4409 Chapman Highway – Grade: 36 71

Upon reinspection, the original score of 36, which is really bad, has been upgraded to a 71.

Top Grades of the Week:

  • Subway, 25 Market Square – Grade: 95
  • Soccer Taco, 9 Market Square – Grade: 95
  • Subway, 2625 Broadway – Grade: 93
  • Starbucks, West Town Mall – Grade: 93
  • Cru Bistro and Wine Bar, 141 S. Gay Street – Grade: 93
  • Roger’s Place, 8807 Kingston Pike – Grade: 93
  • Menchie’s, 11162 Parkside Drive – Grade: 92
  • Krystal, 2815 Broadway – Grade: 92

Health inspection scores represent a snapshot of conditions at a restaurant the day of the unannounced inspection.

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