6 On Your Side Answers: What to buy your man for Valentine’s Day

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With Valentine’s Day this Friday, do you know what you’re getting your Valentine?

Linda in Karns asks: “What can you get a man who has everything?”

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, several surveys found that flowers, jewelry and candy all topped the list of the most favored gifts among women.

Knowing what to get a man for Valentine’s Day may be the ultimate challenge.

While women prefer the more traditional gifts, men are asking for tech gifts and cards among the more traditional trend.

Some surveys suggest men prefer gift certificates or tickets to a sports event or concert for next weekend.

Likewise, cologne, books, ties or even a tool is a treasured Valentine’s gift if a man will find it useful and efficient.

A poll by RetailMeNot.com found that six out of ten people plan to spend less than $50 on their significant other this year.

However, guys, good luck trying to find a dozen red stem roses for under $50. Candy may be a possibility, but definitely not roses. They’re in the $60-plus range.

Going back to that RetailMeNot.com survey, 57 percent of men said they preferred spending an intimate night at home with their significant other instead of buying a gift

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