6 On Your Side Answers: Which prices will go down in 2014?

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – This year the cost of milk is expected to rise, as well as wine.

We’re all familiar with the “yo-yo” effect of gas prices; they’re up and then they’re down.

However, the forecast is not all gloomy for 2014.

Cathy from Farragut asks: “Laptops continue to drop in price. Is that trend expected to continue?”

Yes, Cathy, you can expect to spend less for a laptop in 2014.

Tablets and smartphones have presented stiff competition for laptops, so manufacturers are reinventing the laptop to keep it relevant.

Touch screen display, once a feature that came at a premium price, will become standard in 2014. Since September, the best price on a 15-inch touch screen laptop has fallen by 17 percent.

In 2013, Playstation 4 and Xbox One were among the biggest items for gamers. Equally big were their prices tags. Not all hope is lost for budget gamers, though, as both Microsoft and Sony say they will continue to support their respective previous generation systems in 2014, so that means you can expect to see rock bottom pricing on these systems and games.

With the upbeat global economy and bullish stock market, the price of gold will suffer in this new year. While the price of the precious metal soared early last year, gold will likely suffer a significant decline this year according to analysts at Goldman Sachs.

If you are in the market for a new set of wheels, you may find a deal on a used car. Analysts at Moody’s expect prices of used cars to dip three to four percent lower than where they stand now due to rising new vehicle sales that increased the inventory of used vehicle from trade-ins.

Edmunds states that prices for the average used car sold for just over $15,500 during the third quarter of last year. That’s down nearly three percent from the previous quarter in 2013.

Brands to look for include Chevrolet, GMC and Volvo because they sat the longest in used car lots according to Edmunds.com.

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