6 On Your Side Answers: Don’t fall for scams from unsolicited callers

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Several national consumer groups have released their list of most frequent scams from last year. Many of them are on Don Dare’s list as well.

Sarah from LaFollette asks: “Please let me know if I really won $3 million dollars. The call sounded real.”

There’s been a familiar theme recently to the calls that come in to the 6 On Your Side hotline.

Many of you are saying you have won millions of dollars, including a big fancy car.

The stories are just like Donna Watson’s. She explained outside a pharmacy last August that she was told to go to buy a money card and call in its 14 digit numbers in order to have her millions in prize winnings delivered to her.

The caller said they were part of Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol and that Watson was one of the grand prize winners, but it was a hoax.

The real Publishers Clearing House will not ask you to pay money up front. In fact, if you are a winner of any contest, no legitimate company will require money in advance.

If you win something, the government gets its money first. Then you get the rest, and you don’t pay any fees.

Last September, Deborah Wilson said her computer was running slowly when she received an unsolicited call from a guy who claimed to be with Microsoft. He said he could speed up her computer.

Unfortunately, she gave control to the technician who was not from Microsoft. Instead of fixing the computer, the screen froze up and some of her personal information was stolen.

Since we covered those stories, we’ve heard from many of you about similar calls.

Remember, be wary of calls that you don’t initiate. The people on the other end don’t know much about you, besides your name and phone number, so don’t fill in the blanks for them.

And you don’t have to be polite. Just hang up.

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