Anonymous 6 On Your Side viewer pays off Seymour woman’s denture bill

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6 On Your Side Consumer Investigator

SEYMOUR (WATE) – A Seymour woman profiled earlier this month in a 6 On Your Side report is grateful for an unexpected Christmas gift. 

A viewer who wants to remain anonymous was touched by the plight of Therese Yarema.

It's often been said the people of East Tennessee are generous, especially if someone is down on their luck and faces a financial hardship.

We found that to be true following the story we reported on December 4.

Yarema told us that her ill-fitting, relatively new dentures were almost as annoying as a collection agency that's hounded her for months.

She borrowed nearly $2,900 in May 2011 from Care Credit for her teeth. The annual interest rate is 27 percent, according to the loan papers. 

Yarema said she paid her bill faithfully at the beginning of every month once her Social Security check came in and showed us paperwork for the last 2 and a half years to prove it.

Claiming her payments were late because they weren't paid at the end of the month, Care Credit sent her to collection. Yarema paid that bill, too.

After 6 On Your Side contacted Care Credit, the dispute over her payment schedule was settled.

Yarema told us the loan company admitted to her they had made a mistake, and Care Credit ended up changing her payment date. 

However, that huge interest payment she paid every month is what bothered a gentleman who called 6 On Your Side. We went back to visit Yarema other day.

“A 6 On Your Side viewer saw the story and didn't like the fact that you were paying so much on your interest,” we told Yarema. “He wants you to have this check so your entire bill is paid off.” 

“Oh, my gosh. Oh, thank you whoever did it, that will help a lot believe me. I want you to thank them who ever it was,” she said, excitedly.

The viewer who wants to remain anonymous paid off the entire amount she owed to Care Credit.

“I don't know what to say, but thanks very much who ever he is,” Yarema continued, now crying.

There are a lot of good people in East Tennessee.

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